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Let your viewers see your Noita wands at any point without opening inventory

This guide has initially been wrote for Cohh Carnage, replace his channel's name with yours.
Major Noita streamers like DunkOrSlam, Aliasbot, Soler91, J_Shiba, Letaali and use the Streamer Wands mod, here's what Solers viewers will see, for example, by typing !wands command in his chat: Your link will be after you get it working.
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    Uncompress it and move the streamer_wands folder into the mods folder in noita (Steam --> right click Noita --> Local files), mine is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Noita\mods.
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    Let know who you are on twitch: A webpage will show you something like token "xyzLongStringOfText", copy what's inside the " marks and paste inside the token.lua file, its contents will look like return "xyzLongStringOfText". Do NOT show your browser window while setting streamer wands to not leak the auth string.
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    In order for the mod to have no impact on progress (in game achievements) make the mod side-loadable: download the archive from Solers official discord -- here's the direct link Uncompress it and move lua51.dll and sideload.lua into Noita's folder (again, mine is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Noita). Soler's manual says "make a backup of the original lua51.dll file, but I did not bother and just replaced the file.
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    Launch Noita, click "Mods", click "Unsafe mods: Disabled", click "Yes" (this is due to deeper game integration requirements), click on "Streamer wands" in the mods list so it shows [x].
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    Test it: launch new game, open in your browser, drop one of the wands, the website should automatically update after a short delay, showing that you have only wand.
  6. 7.
    Add a !wands command to your bot with something like "Cohh's current wands:".
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    Have fun, run fast and throw hard!
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